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Main Objective

NACEXPRESS specializes in providing flexible logistics capabilities that start from the planning stage and go all the way to the delivery of goods. We listen to customers' unique business needs to meet their requirements thereby handling shipments up to their complete satisfaction. All of our solutions are developed internally, including customs brokerage, air & ocean cargo, domestic services, risk management, distribution, security, imports and export compliance. This comprehensive, flexible spectrum of services is supported by leading-edge handling expertise to provide a high level quality service. We concentrate our core focus on technology and systems developments as our business strategy and organization strength. Our balance and integrated working procedures provide us with a competitive advantage within the industry. Our senior management has been instrumental in the development and direction of our systems strategy and strives to ensure that our systems add value to both our employees and our valuable customers.


To be the recognized industry leader, through total commitment to customer service, by maintaining our uncompromising integrity, in the support and development of our People, Communications and Systems in sustained growth and profitability. Sincerity, fairness, and dignity are our working assets. Our major focus is our perceptive insight to the changing needs of our clients, vendors and organization that can best suit requirements of e-commerce age.


As a freight forwarding and logistics company, we are able to give our clients several options for shipments handling and freight management. Our investments are made in people and systems. Through constant growth, service excellence and reliability, we give our clients and our employees' peace of mind providing them perfect know-how of services and friendly working environment with business culture. Our customers are most interested in the quality and consistency of service we provide regardless of the destinations in which we do our business seamlessly.

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