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The growth of international trade in a country (exports and imports) results in opportunities for the growth and expansion of international transport/freight. On the other hand international transport/freight services are necessary to facilitate growth in trade. Efficient, reliable and competitive transport / freight services are thus critical for exporters and importers who wish to expand their trade. In view of this inter-related relation, NACEXPRESS gives proper focus to our quality freight service for time-matching trade and transport linkage to create effective trading environment for the global exporters / importers as per their expectation.

NACEXPRESS represents effective role providing innovative ideas to the international buyers/importers, promoting the adoption of the best practices for the Logistics and Freight Forwarding services that we design to increase excellence and efficiency maintaining legal and regulatory arenas. NACEXPRESS has earned its reputation as an effective service provider for the Express delivery and Cargo Logistics services.

Our Assets

By our integrity and service reliability we have been able to positioning ourselves as one of the most trusted and preferred service providers in the industries in the country. This is not merely an exaggeration but a truth which we have proved by our sincere efforts fulfilling our commitments to go beyond the expectations of what our customers need from a global logistics service providers. To accomplish our objectives and to give smooth continuity in our business we mainly focus on the following as our core assets:

Working Staff
Our Systems
Our Culture & Environment
Our Customers

Our working team

By recruiting, motivating and retaining the best personnel in the business, we feel we will keep our leadership position in the marketplace. Our business is quality customer service and our people are what make that happen. We hire individuals based on attitude, and we train the skills it takes to make a successful career here. Our employees, as part of their overall job evaluation, are required to take a minimum of 15 days in-house trainings in a year that are organized by the related associations and experts. Extensive experience and continuous training makes our employees most knowledge people in the industry. Our sincerity in our profession and our commitment to our people sets us apart.

Communication network Systems

We at NACEXPRESS take pride on our system development. Moving information in a timely and accurate method is just as important as moving the goods and our systems support our operations teams and our customers in providing them the data they need to successfully manage the movement of their goods. All of our global contact offices are linked via high-speed lines of communication. This drives global standardization with timely and accurate communication. We are also one of the leaders in the systems arena, and we are continuing to invest in this area.


We believe that successful companies have a unique culture, and they work hard to protect that culture. At NACEXPRESS our culture is about exceeding our customers' expectations and providing a place for our employees to make a career and do well for themselves. Our environment breeds success, and you will notice that our people move faster, work harder and are better rewarded than our competitor. Our offices are neat, organized and set up in accordance with our quality policies. We are a process driven organization that focuses on continual improvement. It's a simple philosophy that works. We will do all we can to protect our culture.


Our financial success is directly related to our client retention. We have the adequate sales staff in our company and put more emphasis on taking care of our existing clients and going out parallel and getting new business. We feel that if we contact the right clients our business will grow with these customers, and our reputation will support our sales staff in obtainment of new customers. We have redefined some very successful programs to support our customers including:

Account Management System
Quality Control
Customers Retention Programs
Focus Teams

We believe that we need to support our existing clients in order to grow our business. Our customers are the reason we exist and succeed.

As understand, when choosing a service provider, you are buying the people, the systems and the way of business doing. These are the key elements work in harmony globally. Likewise, it is our pride to ensuring that our customers get the same level of consistent service worldwide. Our motto is 100% customer satisfaction. If we get opportunity, we will provide you the service in our level best with our capability and commitment with our joint efforts.

Our company is based with the systems, facilities and more importantly the people, to whom we provide constant service at a competitive rate.

Electronic Data

In our company we recognize and so give accordingly value and importance to EDI as an effective instrument to increase productivity and to further the development of an electronic commerce environment between our service users. Govt. has also planned to use this system as per the necessity of authorities and service providers.

Customs Brokerage

NACEXPRESS is one of the leading customs brokerage service providers in Nepal in terms of entries filed in the customs offices for imports and exports clearings. Our combination of product management, field operations and professional services allow us to provide the perfect blend of skill sets necessary for complete Customs expertise.

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